Is Google really a threat?

In the past month or so Google has been involved in the release of two very highly touted products in Google Chrome and Google Android being released on the TMobile G1. Both of the announcements have generated enormous buzz and having the Google name attached to both of these products have really fueled the fire. But with the release of these two products I ask, is Google really a threat?


Unknown said...

I'm more than a bit late, but a threat to what? The browser and phone markets respectively?

I think we've talked about this one before, but as far as the browser market goes they definitely are not a threat, however they have set the bar with respect to where javascript performance needs to be on all future browsers. Thus they have basically made it so future Google web apps can be more powerful.

Regarding the Android, it's phenomenal that it's opensource. I really hope that inspires that way other companies release their software. Imagine an opensource ipod or iphone. Then I could finally have my rsync interface covered under warranty.

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