Design Question

Why is it that for blogs its perfectly natural (and visually comfortable) to have the posts on the left or center of the page with the archive, tags, etc on the right. Whereas with RSS readers its perfectly natural (and also visually comfortable) to have the list of feeds on the left with posts on the right.

Or the more pressing question, why is it that if you would consider switching either of the two around it would seem ugly and uncomfortable?


Unknown said...

I think it's because for blogs the links on the right are hardly ever utilized. Within the feed reader, or most email interfaces, the navigation links/buttons are highly utilized and thus are further to the left.

A slightly relevant thing I've noticed is with my instance message client list. If I have it linger on the right side of the screen (which I recently started doing) rather than the left I pay attention to it much less, and therefore don't chat nearly as much as I used to.

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