Google Gaming?

Forbes recently made a wildly speculative article about whether or not Google should and will enter the game arena. I'm not sure if the Forbes folks have been watching too much of the crazy news with Keith Oberman, but Google, making games, what are you on? Lets get one thing straight, the only games that Google with be making will be the ones that would come with Android by default or the ones of gOS. Why on this green earth would Google decide to go after gaming? Yes, gaming is a booming market, and yes there is advertising revenue that can be generated from games, but lets be honest, Google making games is about as likely as Toyota making MP3 players. Now it has become clear that Google is willing to spend money developing technologies that help to feed their search (read: advertising) business. Google Docs is the perfect example of this, by having you store your documents in their cloud, they have the opportunity to take a look see and make there add recommendation just that much better. I assume the belief is that they would enter the game market by making games and not making actual consoles since the console market is only ready for the suicidal. So Google makes a game, and then they make some sort of advertise bar which displays in it (a la Net Zero), seems logical enough right? Wrong. Assuming they were to make an immersing game, and not just a pass the time waster (hi Freecell) ads are a terrible idea. Back in my hay day I used to play a few games, things like Counter-Strike, Command and Conquer, and the likes, and if there is one thing I learned from games like that is that once you are in games like that there is very little chance you are going to click an ad which escapes you from your full screen game, much less even look at them. Microsoft recently implemented ads in Xbox live, so when browsing around the demo section you will probably catch an add or two, but not if they are dumb enough to attempt to put ads inside of a game like Halo or Tiger Woods Golf.
The only real advertising I could really see happening in games is product placement like they do in TV shows where someone like Pepsi will pay to get some member of a TV show to take a sip of their soda on camera. Cant you just see Tiger taking a nice big swig of Pepsi after blasting a 350 yard drive down the 18th of St. Andrews?


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