Thank you Google

For those of us who use Gmail like its the antidote I was happy to see this announcement which is that in Google Labs there is a new feature to add a Calendar and Docs window to the main Gmail screen. Brilliant! After reading one of their older posts about right-side labels and chat I got the sense that some work was going to get done which would allow users to better utilize the space on the screen that many of us look at quite often per day. There tends to be quite a bit of hoopla about some of the more "interesting" features that Google releases (e.g. Google Goggles), but its features like these that really make people appreciate the service that you provide.

I am also glad to see that Google is taking a hard stance on the cloud downtime complaints and fears. This is one of those fears that is continuously bring up when you talk about cloud services. It will be interesting to see what sort of response this gets, I suspect plenty of people out there are going to be investigating.


Unknown said...

Google Goggles is definitely one of my favorite features. Not only is it forcing me to do math practice, but also saving me potential embarrassment.

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