Workspaces in Windows: Redux

I was talking with some coworkers about random technical stuff the other day and I had a good shot to bring up the workspaces question. Given that both guys are very intelligent, articulate, and considered "power users", I was interested in their take on it. The first point they made was that if they wanted to do workspaces in Windows, they would have done them. It is not a technical limitation or a legal issue, it was a matter of choice. That means they didn't believe that enough people would use it, and too many would be negatively impacted (see prev. article) to have it. Yeah, that sounded about right, but now "aren't there still enough people out there who want it to have it available, but disabled by default, or only in a professional/ultimate type edition?" I asked naively. To my surprise I found that even within the "technical" community or "power users" a large portion dont utilize workspaces and or dont find them useful enough to install them.

Realistically, if they cant convince a significant portion of more technical users to ask for it, or use it, then its pretty clear why they wouldn't include it by default. I guess those of us that want it will have to rely on third party tools to implement them for us, although so far I have not really been happy with what I have seen. Guess I will have to continue looking harder.


Unknown said...

I'd have to say I'm one of those technical users that doesn't see a need for them. I attempted to use them for awhile, but the usage pattern never stuck.

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