Computers Stunk Back In The Olden Days...

I was just looking at a manual for some older software and I stumbled across this
- Insert the 27th disk in your floppy drive and
execute SETUP.EXE

I can tell you this, if I ever install anything that required 27 floppys/cds/dvds there better be a pot of gold that this application is going to magically generate in order for the install to be worth it.

Why not make it more realistic...
-Insert disk 1 and execute SETUP.exe
-Insert disks 2-10 when prompted by the installer
-Go get a drink of coffee, your gonna need it
-Insert disks 10-20 when prompted by the installer
-Catch some zzz's, its been a long day
-Wake up, shower, etc
-Insert disks 20-26 when prompted by the installer
-Search aimlessly for disk 27, seems to have gone missing
-Accuse the house pet of stealing it
-Continue searching for a few days to no avail
-Give up, the disk seems to have been eaten by 3.25" leprechauns

-Disk 27 reappears under the kitchen table and appears to have been attacked by a veloceraptor
-See step 1.

Then again, there is plenty of software that is multi-dvd installs these days. I hope for all of us that we get to BluRay before we get to a 27 dvd install.