Dont be so surprised by Seinfeld

I’ve read so many articles about Jerry Seinfeld apparently becoming part of the new Windows Vista ad campaign that I am about ready to explode. Most articles are quick to criticize how Seinfeld as a long way from his popularity 10 years back or how on his show there was always a Mac in his apartment (apparently that makes him the biggest fan boy of all). To address the ludicrous first, I have yet to see any article or interview that actually have Seinfeld saying he owns or even likes Macs. I have no doubt that the computer in the show wasn’t an accident; if you have ever seen advertisements and more recently commercials you will notice that all computers are mysteriously white and curvaceous. Macs are pretty, there is not question about that so why would they put anything less in their commercial? Yes, it was mostly an Apple IIe which may not be pretty now but you don’t even want to see the PC’s back then. Show me an interview, article, picture, then we can talk…

People seem perplexed by them picking Seinfeld, I mean weren’t they supposed to pick someone hip, cool, and just flat out AWESOME?! Not to be brief, but no, absolutely not. If there is one thing that Microsoft surely is not going to do it, its try to out-cool Apple. Criticize as you please, but Microsoft is not dumb, and they know that trying to out-cool Apple is a loosing battle. Now I was surprised as any when I heard the news, I didn’t even think Microsoft would have a “spokesperson” for the campaign since that is an extremely risky venture. But, if you are going to pick someone, Seinfeld is an excellent candidate. When you think about the target market, as much as they would love to go after the hipsters, Microsoft has a somewhat older market to cater too. So although Seinfeld has been out of the limelight for a little while now, those of us who are old enough to remember the show like Jerry and don’t have one bad thing to say about him. You wont find pictures of him on TMZ smoking outside a club or running over paparazzi, in fact, aside from his show, Seinfeld lives a quiet, unpublicized life.

As George said:
George: Well, I got just the thing to cheer you up. A computer!
Huh? We can check porn, and stock quotes.
I probably should bring up the episode which involves Jerry and computers, the white laptop crowd will have a field day..


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