The new Microsoft ad

Well, it’s out. And if there isn’t going to be enough gasoline in this fire I figure I might as well throw my two cents (worth of gasoline) in.

I’m not really sure what people were expecting this ad to people. Based on my very empirical study this ad was expected to be the hippest, coolest, most ultimate Vista rocks my world ad…featuring Bill Gates and Jerry Seinfeld. In case you were disappointed by the distinct lack of heavy rock music (a la video game commercials) or some sort of play on the Apple ads, you clearly haven’t been paying attention. If you had read my previous article entitled “Don’t be surprised by Seinfeld”, you would have been much more in tune. Is it going to make you fall off of your chair laughing? No. Was it direct shot across the bow at Apple? No. Was it edgy/risky/crazy? No. It was Microsoft.

It was mildly entertaining, but only since it relies two of the most famous faces in the world (t-minus 10 years ago of course). The premise is a play on BillG’s well-known…thriftiness…. And has some shout-outs to those nerds who have been paying attention. In terms of Seinfeld, its roughly the Visa ads, except without Superman.

I think the real surprise of it all is the lack of heavy branding or slogans. Spanning the entire minute and thirty seconds of commercial the word Microsoft was mentioned once, in passing, by Seinfeld. Then there is the slogan “The future. Delicious.” Followed by the Windows logo. No Microsoft logo, no mentions of the word Windows, or dare I say…Vista.

I’m sure pundits are savagely pounding at their keyboards about this one, “$300 million for this!” or “that’s going to beat Apple?!” Stop it. Please. Just, stop it. First, I’m very sure that this is the first of many (random guess says 5) commercials to come out of this campaign. Second, like I have said you will not see direct shots at Apple. Why? By “competing” with Apple, Microsoft would be admitting that they are on their level. Believe what you will, Microsoft won’t be admitting that any time soon.


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